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Wellness Self Care Spa Oasis Gift Box

Wellness Self Care Spa Oasis Gift Box

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Loving, endearing, compassionate, caring and mindful. That's a mothers love! Wishing her a day that's full of relaxation, love and your favorite tea.

Imagine the look on your mothers face when she opens this beautiful spa oasis gift box!

I have created a gift basket so extraordinary and caring for mothers day. it is filled with all the things that make a joyful serenity filled spa day at home... The botanicals I chose for tea bath spa are handpicked right from our herb gardens. Included is a deliciously blended herbal tea for her drinking pleasure, an herbal bath blend of roses, calendula and hibiscus, orange, lemon, rosemary to soak into a world of bliss. I also added a few soft white unscented tea candles to set the mood. She can lather and hydrate with our most famous soap bath bar of Lavender and enjoy her favorite headwrap while bathing. Enclosed in the spa oasis box is an Turmeric, licorice brightening facemask to wear to make her spa time well worth the selfcare she deserves.
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