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Irish Moss Mango & Ginger Avocado Soap Bar

Irish Moss Mango & Ginger Avocado Soap Bar

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A master moisturizer, sea moss can be applied topically or ingested to provide lasting, noticeable hydration to skin and hair. While it will make anyone’s skin glow, it’s also very effective for those suffering from psoriasis, eczema, or rashes due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It’s rich in sodium, which can be very lifting for the face when applied topically. It’s fantastic to soothe dry or irritated scalps, as well.

Irish Sea Moss carries 92 minerals. The human body needs 102 minerals to function daily. It's a great fixer for the skin, hair, and nails and even a bigger bonus by providing optimum energy and nutrients when digested internally Sea Moss is an excellent natural supplement to your daily diet. This nourishing handcrafted soap bar can also kill viruses, bacteria, and germs on contact!

Irish Sea Moss can deliver a serious natural beauty boost to any skin type. Because of its high sulfur content Irish Sea Moss has the ability to clear up acne, and bacteria is no match for Irish Sea Moss. Sea Moss will help to rehydrate dry skin and; leave it feeling smooth and supple.

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