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Third Day Soaps Garden Wellness

Free Seeds Giveaway!

Free Seeds Giveaway!

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Hi welcome to our 3rd annual Free seeds give away.

Curious who your favorite you tuber gardeners are. I follow all the popular ones like everyone else... they all have info others don't have, so its best to watch them all for sure. Ive even seen excellent info on less popular ones that weren't on the big channels!

Right now, for me, its been gardner scott. He's nailing so MANY things i need right now, even though vids are old sometimes. And Rusted gardner. Self sufficient me was the ONLY resource that helped a major issue though!

When seeds arrive to our facility in late March Early April you will be notified via email. You will email back your address and send $4.00 for S/H. You will receive your seeds via U.S. postal sometime in late April. Our seeds are donated from some of the most reliable, quality grown seed companies from the US. 

****"you will receive 8-10 free packs of assorted vegetables/herb seed packs. I will send you an invoice for $4.99 to cover shipping and handling. 

****Seeds will be mailed to you between April 2nd - April 21st. 

Thank you. Happy Gardening 

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