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Third Day Soaps Garden Wellness

420 Hemp Nature Relaxing 4 Piece Spa Gift Set

420 Hemp Nature Relaxing 4 Piece Spa Gift Set

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Third Day Soaps Garden Holistic Skin & Body Care

High hopes! Our 420 Hemp Nature Relaxing 4 piece Spa Gift Set is back by popular demand. Relish in a time zone of bliss as you experience the floating sensation of our tranquil Ocean bubbling fizzing bath bomb. Hemp infused for total peace. Deep cleanse and hydrate your skin with our coconut and olive oil hemp infused soap bar. The scent is citrus and amazing! Next slough on our sugary sweet hemp infused exfoliating body scrub. Created to smooth and soothe dry skin while toning the skin. .lastly, lay on the satin finish hemp body oil to seal in the deal of healthier glowing skin ..

Excited to share! Our highly sought-after 420 Hemp Nature Relaxing 4-Piece Spa Gift Set is making a triumphant return. Immerse yourself in pure relaxation with our Ocean Bath Bomb, infused with hemp for ultimate tranquility. Cleanse and moisturize your skin with our luxurious coconut and olive oil hemp soap bar, boasting a refreshing citrus scent. Then indulge in our sugary sweet hemp exfoliating body scrub, designed to leave your skin silky smooth and toned. Finally, pamper yourself with our satin-finish hemp body oil for a radiant, healthy glow.

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