A soapmaker's journey to scale her business after 20 years.

A soapmaker's journey to scale her business after 20 years.

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Let me tell you a story about the challenges and excitement of rebranding a holistic skin and body care business.


The first thing that comes to mind is the importance of healthy skincare. In today's world, where the air is polluted and our lifestyles are becoming more hectic, taking care of our skin is more important than ever. But creating a brand that embodies this philosophy is easier said than done.


The first challenge is coming up with a new logo that accurately reflects the values and ethos of the brand. The logo should be simple yet striking, and it should be able to convey the brand's message at a glance. This is not an easy task, and it can take several rounds of brainstorming and revisions to get it right.


Once the logo is finalized, the next challenge is creating a new website. A website is the face of the brand, and it needs to be both visually appealing and user-friendly. It should also reflect the brand's philosophy and provide visitors with all the information they need about the products and services offered.


The third challenge is creating new products with active ingredients. A holistic skin and body care brand should offer products that are not only effective but also safe and natural. It can be challenging to find the right ingredients that meet these criteria, but it is worth the effort.


Despite the challenges, rebranding a holistic skin and body care business can be an exciting endeavor. It allows the brand to reach new customers and expand its reach. It also provides an opportunity to update the brand's messaging and marketing strategies, which can lead to increased sales and brand loyalty.


In conclusion, rebranding a holistic skin and body care business is a challenging but exciting task. It requires careful planning, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of the brand's values and philosophy. But with the right approach, it can lead to a stronger, more successful brand that continues to promote healthy skincare and wellness for years to come.


Cynthia L. Hill, Founder

Third Day Soaps Garden Wellness, LLC

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